City at a Time of Crisis



Tracing and researching crisis-ridden urban public spaces

in Athens, Greece.


The 7th November was the night the Greek government passed the next round of deeply unpopular austerity measures. Thousands took to the streets to vent their anger. As the crowds grew, the rain hammered down, and the police were soon to violently disperse the crowds. The security forces for the first time in Athens, used water cannons on old and young people alike. Both sides are becoming increasingly prone to violence, as outside forces continue to dictate Greece's sovereignty.



Etymologically, the word memorandum shares the same root with memory. It stands for a note or record outlining what should be remembered. But as anthropologists of memory know well, stating what things one should remember simultaneously implies what things are not worth remembering. For example, the phrase “public expenses for health care should be cut, because we have to rationalise the system”, additionally (if mutedly) “states” that people will die because they will no longer afford the medical treatment necessary for their condition.

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City at the Time of Crisis is a research project tracing and researching the effects of the ongoing financial crisis on urban public spaces in Athens, Greece. Read more...