City at a Time of Crisis



Tracing and researching crisis-ridden urban public spaces

in Athens, Greece.


Aletheia Photos

Aletheia Photos is an independent collective of photojournalists and documentary film makers brought together by a unified aim to provide honest photographic witness on a wide range of socio-economic and humanitarian stories from all corners of the globe.


Docupraxi is a Spanish/English/Greek website with reports and videos from life under the crisis in Greece.

Human Rights Watch

Hate on the Streets is a report by Human Rights Watch about xenophobic violence in Greece. Download a free copy of the report as a pdf here.

I Can't Relax in Greece

I can't Relax In Greece is an independent blog with the purpose of updating the non-Greek audience about incidents related to the increasing xenophobia, racial and religious intolerance in Greece. Its main activity consists in translating news from mainstream Greek media into English.

Into The Fire

Into The Fire is a film about refugees and migrants in Athens. The site has further information about asylum and the conditions of migrants in Greece now as well as links to human rights organisations and other groups working on these issues.

INURA Athens

INURA is a network of people involved in action and research in localities and cities. The Network consists of activists and researchers from community and environmental groups, universities, and local administrations, who wish to share experiences and to participate in common research.


Kompreser is a biannual collective publication concerned with urban and spatial matters from the side of the antagonist movement.


Occupied London

From the Greek Streets: An English language blog with irregular updates from the situation in Greece.

Photographs from the Riots

A photography project on the anti IMF riots in Greece by Yiannis Biliris.

Portraits of Greece in Crisis

Portraits of Greece in Crisis is a documentary project in progress.

Radio Bubble

Radio Bubble is an Athens based radio station with good music and independent reporting (mostly in Greek, occasionally in English).

Reports from the edge pf borderline democracy

Reports from the Edge of Borderline Democracy is written by Mariniki Alevizopoulou and Augustine Zenakos and is a English language blog by journalists based in Athens, Greece who are also members of the team that publishes UNFOLLOW, a Greek monthly magazine that strives for independent journalism.



Teacher Dude

Street level citizen journalism from Greece.

Urban Rise

The workshop “Crisis regimes and emerging social movements in cities of Southern Europe” took place in Athens, Greece on 7-9 February 2013. The event was organized by Encounter Athens, INURA Athens, The Institut de Govern i Polítiques Publiques and the The Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the National Technical University of Athens and was funded by a Regional Workshop Award by the Antipode Foundation.

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About Us

City at the Time of Crisis is a research project tracing and researching the effects of the ongoing financial crisis on urban public spaces in Athens, Greece. Read more...