City at a Time of Crisis



Tracing and researching crisis-ridden urban public spaces

in Athens, Greece.

Mass transient is an ethnographic study of spaces of mass transit in Athens — and beyond: it is a study that seeks to reveal and to understand the ever-growing antagonisms and tensions in these quintessential spaces of the everyday as the crisis deepens. At this historical conjuncture, buses, trolleys and metro carriages become the primary public spaces: on the one hand moving around the ‘fallen angels’ of the bourgeois dream, and on the other, those swirling through the city undocumented, seeking survival. And on top of both, the drivers and inspectors, the ever-watching authority. Mass transient is an ethnographic study that aspires to trace the transition of society across the entire Greek territory as inscribed in the confines of the bus, the tram, the metro carriage. A close, meticulous reading of these spaces that will help us understand how the transitory flux of a society in turmoil becomes a galvanised reality; how a transient mass becomes critical.


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City at the Time of Crisis is a research project tracing and researching the effects of the ongoing financial crisis on urban public spaces in Athens, Greece. Read more...