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Tracing and researching crisis-ridden urban public spaces

in Athens, Greece.

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Street level

The street is one of the key ethnographic sites since the birth of urban anthropology. At the same time the street and  the rest of the urban routes/passages (arcades, boulevards, squares etc.)  have been recognized as spatial-material entities formidable of modern urbanisation. The routes of central Athens combined dialectically with the spontaneous or unspontaneous public socialities and social practices are today the entities that give material and social shape and significance to the Athenian version of crisis. In this project the materiality and ontology of urban passages are not examined only from an elevated viewpoint but down from the street level, both as spatial-material expressions of the social and financial crisis, but also as infrastructures/socio-material agents of these crises.    


by Dimitris Dalakoglou

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City at the Time of Crisis is a research project tracing and researching the effects of the ongoing financial crisis on urban public spaces in Athens, Greece. Read more...